Farmhouse Table made from Reclaimed Timber


Gorgeous Farmhouse Tables made using selected old materials.

This beautifully designed, reclaimed farmhouse table makes the perfect addition to dining rooms and kitchens. Each table has a genuinely authentic look which is given to it by the use of old timbers. We source only the best hard to come by salvaged construction timbers from old buildings in the UK.

The Manufacturing Process

Each piece of old beam salvaged timber is graded by eye according to straightness, defects and knots before cutting to size, sanding and planing. Further selection is then made base on wood colour and grain similarity before moving to the joinery shop. Here our craftsman skilfully hand plane, hand tenon and work each piece. The embryo top is then glued and placed bit by bit into the huge table press which effectively squeezes and clamps the planks together. Left overnight the curing and bonding has been completed and the joined top is then given final sanding and polishing before being assemble with the legs and rails.

The strong turned legs and rails supporting the table top can be finished to match the top or painted in an alternative choice of colours.

Top thickness - Approximately 2.5"(60mm)

Widths - 31.5"(80cm) or 39"(100cm)

Lengths - 5'(1.52m), 6'(1.8m), 7'(2.1m) and 8'(2.44m)

These are our standard sizes. However, all our tables are made to order so if you do require a specific size please get in contact with us for a price quote. 

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Our construction time for these tables are usually 35 days from order date.

Delivery - To the UK mainland, £50.

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