• A simple design that's simple to put up - simply perfect.
  • 65mm of usable depth, just right for a picture, some candles, a place to put the car keys...
  • Finished, like all of our products, in extremely durable paint.
  • No assembly required.
  • Brackets and wall fixings included.
  • Depth - 4” (100mm)
  • Height – 3.15” (80mm)
  • Widths – 12” (30cm), 18” (46cm), 24” (61cm), 30" (76cm), 36" (92cm), 42” (107cm)
  • Very White (Solid White)
  • Antique Pine
  • Shabby Chic Distressed White Wash
  • French Grey (Please note that French Grey has a definite green tint.)
  • Unfinished, prepared and ready to paint.


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